The Team

It's taken two years of hard work, endless contract negotiations and obtaining all the required licensing rights but, finally MJ The Evolution has secured all the key relationship to bring this great show to the stage .  

Dean Coleman

Mr. Coleman created & developed MJ The Evolution. Designing each act in the show to match the evolution of Michael Jackson & his music.      

Dr. Perry Paschall

Dr. Perry Paschall has been in the  entertainment business for the past 20 years. Producing and developing investment opportunities for up and coming productions. 


Sophia Song

Ms. Song is very well know in the entertainment industry. Working with everyone from Olivia Newton John to Jamaican artist Stylz    

Rodney Sampson

Mr. Sampson is an business entrepreneur. 

Dieter Wiesner

Mr. Wiesner, was Michael Jackson's former Manager. Mr. Wiesner is still very active in the entertainment industry. Producing shows around the world.      

Jermaine Jackson

Mr. Jackson, brings a very unique & creative insight to the production. Everything from the dancing to the music score will be showcased in this production.  

Terry Song

Mrs. Song handles all international talent & bookings  

John Stuart

Mr. Stuart is internationally know as one of the true creators of impersonator shows. It all started with Legends in Concert and the rest is Las Vegas history.    

Charles Sullivan

International businessman & production company owner. Mr. Sullivan produced the Victory Tour with the Jackson's in 1984.